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Low-Cost UK Domain Names

DNS Management

Our Cheap UK Domain Names DNS management allows you to configure your own DNS records. All A, AAAA, CNAME and MX records for your domain name can be edited. When you change your DNS record each name server is updated immediately, unlike traditional name servers you do not need to wait minutes or hours for the change to propagate.

Cheap UK Domain Names

Easy to Use Control Panel

Planet Hippo have one of the most flexible and easy to use web hosting and Low Cost UK Domain Names platforms, meaning that you can easily make changes and administrate common tasks such as managing name servers, web forwarding, DNS management and much more.

Cheap UK Domain Names

24/7 UK Support

Planet Hippo are always on hand, and will work with you to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. We operate an easy to use ticketing system where you can alert us to any issues that you may have. We aim to answer all questions within one hour, but often reply within less than 30 minutes, and our aim is to always resolve your issues first time around.

Affordable UK Domain Names

Add Email at any time

Easily add great value feature-rich emails to your Cheap UK Domain Names or WordPress web hosting, all backed by our 24 hour ‘Proper Support’ from our easy to use control panel. We make web hosting easy and a range of plans are available so you can choose the level of services that are right for you.

Planet Hippo Domain Transfers

Domain Transfer

Move your existing domain to PlanetHippo today

PlanetHippo make it easy for you to transfer your domain. Simply go through the checkout process, let us know the domain you wish to transfer and leave the rest to us.

Planet Hippo Domain Transfers

SSL Certificates

Strengthen trust with SSL Security

PlanetHippo offer FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates with all our hosting packages, however we also have high end industry standard SSL certificates for ecommerce business owners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of our Low Cost UK Domain Names frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer, contact us and we’ll be happy to help

What exactly is a domain name?
Each website is distinguished on the internet by a unique identifier known as a domain name, akin to a home address comprising distinct components. Ensuring its exclusivity is crucial, as a domain name should only direct to a single website, necessitating verification of its availability before selection. While a domain name may commence with “www.,” modern web browsers automatically interpret it, rendering this prefix non-essential. The subsequent segment, termed the second-level domain, holds significance as the part users recognize and recall, often reflecting a company’s identity. Lastly, the top-level domain (TLD) caps off the domain name, spanning generic options like .net, .com, or .org, alongside geographic indicators such as .uk or .cymru, denoting specific regions or affiliations.
How to choose a great domain name for your website?
Selecting an appropriate domain name marks the initial stride towards constructing a thriving website and augmenting your digital footprint. Absence of a robust domain may result in obscurity amidst the multitude of online entities. Early determination of whether to opt for a brand-oriented or keyword-centric domain is pivotal. Brand domains establish a direct correlation between your enterprise and its online presence, whereas keyword domains might yield enhanced visibility in search engine results. Traditional domain extensions like .com are versatile and suitable for both approaches. Regional extensions (e.g., underscore local significance, while newer top-level domains (nTLDs like .video, .business) also wield potential. Securing multiple domain extensions is advisable, particularly the enduring classics such as .com, as they are often more memorable to users than nTLDs. Owning the .com variant while favoring an nTLD allows for domain forwarding, ensuring exclusivity and thwarting unauthorized domain usage.
What are subdomain and when do I use them?

Subdomains are prefixes that precede the main domain name in a URL, typically separated by a period. They are used to organize and categorize different sections or functionalities of a website. For example, in “”, “blog” is the subdomain.

Subdomains are commonly used for various purposes:

1. **Organizational Structure**: Large websites often utilize subdomains to categorize content or services. For instance, “” might host an e-commerce section, while “” contains the blog.

2. **Regional or Language Targeting**: Subdomains can be employed to cater to specific regions or languages. For instance, “” might represent the French version of the website.

3. **Mobile Sites**: Websites may have a subdomain like “” for mobile users, offering a version optimized for smaller screens.

4. **Testing and Development**: Subdomains can be used for testing new features or developments before implementing them on the main site. For example, “” might be used for this purpose.

5. **Separate Services**: Subdomains can also host separate services or applications, such as “” for email services or “” for an API.

Overall, subdomains provide a means to organize and manage different sections or functionalities of a website, offering flexibility and scalability to accommodate diverse needs.

Do you offer free domain names?

Domain names can be expensive, but here at PlanetHippo we offer a FREE .com or domain name with any of hosting packages. We offer WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting with all budgets in mind, and as you know we throw in a free domain with any package.

Can you help me with my DNS settings?

Absolutely, do not worry about any settings you have to change or configure. Our support team here in the UK are always happy to help with DNS issues.