18Jun, 2018

Start your own fan blog for just £1 a month

There is a never-ending hunger for football news and stories and these days fans are bored with traditional sports sites, they want to hear real opinions for real fans.

So, if you love football, love your club and have an opinion, there has never been a better time to join the party.

Start your own blog. You might be surprised how cheap and easy it is.

There’s some more good news. You don’t need to be tech-savvy; a complete beginner can get a blog set up in an hour.

Not sure where to start? Planet Hippo has you covered.

Choose and buy a domain.

The domain is the address of your website (URL), and it’s probably the first place you start.

Your domain name needs to be catchy and relevant. Most importantly, it needs to be memorable. Unfortunately, football.com is taken; but otherwise, let your imagination run wild.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re looking at building an international audience, you might want to consider .com or .net. If you’re looking for a predominantly UK audience than .co.uk or .uk are your best bet.

Next, you need to make sure it hasn’t been taken. To do that type your domain idea into the Planet Hippo domain search box, and we’ll tell you what’s free and available.

It’s going to cost you £5-15 a year for your domain.

Pick your hosting.

Every website needs to sit on a server somewhere. It’s called hosting. Thankfully that’s about as technical as you need to get. You need hosting.

Hosting packages can range anywhere from £1 to £100k a month. Most bloggers when they start their football blog, they’re looking for a hosting package that’s as affordable as possible. Plus, at Planet  Hippo your package can grow as your blog grows.

Our ONE Account is perfect for new blogs. It gives you everything you need, and it costs just £1 a month. Plus there’s all the technical support you need.

Install WordPress

This used to be pretty tricky, especially if you’re not technically minded or new to blogging. But at Planet Hippo we’ve made sure starting a blog is as quick and painless as possible.

To get set up with WordPress you just click a button.

Once you have your One Account Click the Install Now button and in 2 minutes you’ve got your very own blog set up and on your domain.

Personalize your blog

The great thing about WordPress is that you can change every single component of the blog. There is literally nothing you can’t do. It’s not just blogs that use WordPress, even massive sites like ebay and PayPal use it.

But at the same time, it’s ridiculously easy too. It’s ready to go as soon as it’s installed. If you don’t want to personalize your blog, you can choose a theme you like the look of, which can be installed in 2 minutes.


One of the first places people start is with a Theme. There are free Themes and some that you need to pay extra for. They’re really easy to install, again it’s just a one click button, nothing technical.

Once you have a Theme installed, it pre-loads layout, colours themes, so you can get the perfect looking theme, really easily. They can be tweaked too.

Making changes

More than half of the websites on the internet use WordPress. Mostly because there is nothing you can do with it, it’s that flexible, and built for beginners who have no technical knowledge.

When you set out and you want to make tweaks to your site. Perhaps you want to add an image or change the logo, it’s so simple because there are millions of 5-10 minute videos that show you how to do anything you need to know, step-by-step.


If you’re looking to start your own fan blog, you can be set up in 1 hour. You need no technical knowledge and it doesn’t break the bank.

All you need to do is order a Domain and our One Account (that costs £1 a month), install your free version of WordPress, which just 1 click, and your blog is set up and ready for your first post.

Time to get blogging.